What we do

We’re not in the business of selling websites

We focus on success, on building luxury brands and increasing online revenue as an end-to-end-business unit. That means we build, manage, and grow a brand’s digital flagship store, while they can focus on what they do best. It’s a win-win situation!

Brand Building

We protect brand values
and their specific DNA in order to win new brand lovers.

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E-Commerce Management

We operate brand e-commerce business swiftly and flexibly, to capture maximum potential.

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Omni-Channel Services

We wrap customers in an intense brand experience—in-store and online—for lasting, high-performing customer relationships.

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Digital Marketing

We define strategies to leverage a brand and to attract the right customers, for optimal sales results.

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Fulfillment & Customer Care

We supply customers with personalized services, from branded packaging to proactive customer care, with all the subtleties demanded.

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Innovative Technology

We apply a high level of excellence through site maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, and ongoing developments, to ensure an optimal user experience across all devices.

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Our team

Hard-working, inspired, and all-around brilliant! Our team members come from numerous industries, combining the best of fashion, lifestyle, branding, technology, and omni-channel integration.

Our clients

In our business, “doing a good job” means making the brands we represent shine. That’s exactly what we do: we operate in the background and let the brand take center stage. As their partner, we pride ourselves on being loyal, committed and discreet.


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Brand building

We care about online branding


Every brand has a unique story; one that needs more than a simple product page. We can build bespoke flagship stores, fine-tuned to any brand’s particular DNA, and compatible with all devices. So the customers can engage with their favorite brand wherever they are, whenever they want.

E-store management

maximum potential

Online success and brand expansion is what drives us. Our integrated in-house system allows us to manage digital flagship stores swiftly and flexibly, tailored to specific industry needs.


Omni-channel services

Anywhere. Everywhere.


It’s all about creating the right combination of services. Digital fitting rooms. Responsive mirrors. Capsule collections available straight from your smartphone, or from in-store tablets. Naturally, our platform comes with built-in device responsiveness. That means we can adapt these services as needed, at any given time. The result? An intense brand experience and lasting, high-performance relationships between customers and their favorite brand.

Digital marketing

the right customers!

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s pretty challenging to grow your brand in this fierce online shopping landscape. Let us give it the attention it deserves! We focus on increasing online potential through targeted marketing and advertising campaigns. Our experienced team knows what triggers people. That means we can help luxury brands attract the right visitors and get great results.

We define strategies to leverage your branding over several online channels while pursuing sales potential. Our team knows how to get amazing results and how to attract the right visitors.


Fulfillment & customer care

It’s all in the details


Customer care is the key to building long-term, successful relationships. We understand the subtleties of personalized service, luxury packaging, and a proactive approach. Our dedicated, multilingual superheroes are at your service!

Innovative technology

The driving force


We strive for excellence in all that we do. Our custom-made system combines strategy and technology, so we can create exceptional user experiences across all devices. We offer ongoing development, site maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring. Above all, continuous innovation is what drives us.

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