What we do

Making luxury brands successful online

Whether you are evolving or scaling-up in e-commerce, we accelerate your online business & brand with a proven-track record in approach and results. Depending on the phase of your brands’ online presence, Online Heroes helps you:


Developing your new website & online store

A website powered by Online Heroes is inspirationally tailored to your brand DNA and converts. Your new digital space will be on top of the essentials assets for generating online business; check-out optimization, full responsiveness and conversion-optimization are just some of the areas of expertise we’ll bring to your brand website. Our in-house developed platform is the engine creating an exceptional user experience accross all devices and easily integrates with your current systems.

Online Heroes doesn’t stop there, we offer ongoing development, site maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring so that you are not out there on your own once the website is built. Our e-Commerce technology solution is offered as cloud service – Pegasys E-commerce SaaS.

Above all, as the engine behind several renowned fashion brands, our SaaS solution constantly evolves with the needs of the industry. Continuously, you will profit from our new innovation updates.


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Managing your e-business success from A-Z

Online Heroes can operate & grow your online business to success while you focus on what you do best. With +10 years of experience in e-commerce for the fashion & luxury industry, we pave the way to growth for your (online) brand and business. Our one-stop service solution, based on a collaborative and result-driven approach, guarantees to increase your online sales and profitability.

To be successful in e-commerce you need a bunch of hands-on experts. Online Heroes brought together a devoted and cross-disciplined team of business-savvy experts.

The 5 reasons why Online Heroes can help:

  1. Guaranteed sales acceleration;
    we capture your brands’ full potential
  2. Reliable business partner;
    we guide you through the digital landscape, you can focus
  3. Fashion & Luxury experts;
    we know the industry and keep our niche
  4. Digital experts;
    we service you to the maximum, all the digital experts on your project
  5. Hassle-free approach;
    we reduce your external recourses and online operation costs

Once we have completed the acceleration mission, we continue as a genuine, long-term business partner or hand-over and guide your team to further pursue the online business growth.


Advising you on the digital challenges

Online Heroes can equip your brand and team with the future-proof strategy and processes that drive ecommerce growth. Let our experts guide your efforts to take your online business and brand to the next level for creating tangible impact. Read more about the domains where Online Heroes can help.

Digital Strategy

Although every brand is now digital, an effective digital strategy is the only way to succeed. Together we can define the right roadmap to grow your brand in the highly competitive online space.

Digital Brand Presence

Every brand has a unique DNA; one that needs more than a simple website. Through our branding workshops we help your core team to define the uniqueness of your brand.

Business plan e-Commerce

Starting by assessing the online sales potential, we can help to set-up an all-comprehensive business plan. Goals and resources are clearly aligned and spelled out over a 3-5-year outlook in order to maximize your online revenue.

Online business unit

It’s a challenge to create a high-performing online business unit that runs the show. We can help you in defining the required multi-disciplinary online team of nerds, creatives individuals and get it effectively embedded within your existing organization so it can truly excel and deliver the desired results.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Capturing the maximum potential is all about attracting the right customers, which can be pretty challenging in this fierce online shopping landscape. We can help to give your brand the attention it deserves and bring the ins & outs of how to reach the aligned communication mix online, resonating with your offline.

UX design

Last but not least and much underestimated is the user experience that gives the true heart beat to your e-commerce business. Based on our best practices, research, benchmarks and lessons learned, funnel and conversion optimization is what we breathe. We can advise on creating a seamless user experience that results directly in sales increase.