Online Heroes offers 2 products to help your fashion brand solve the technology demands that are essential for boosting the eCommerce business.

Pegasys cloud

The eCommerce platform

Pegasys cloud helps fashion brands accelerate online sales, improve digital efficiency, and reduce the cost of eCommerce operations. Discover the ultimate software-as-a-service platform and give your eCommerce team the all-in-one tool it needs to compete, grow and transform the online business. Launching your (capsule) collections, campaigns and sales will go faster than ever before.

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The Centralized Product Information Hub

Centralogue provides a centralized hub to consolidate, manage, and enhance all of the information about your commercial products. Get all your products up-to-date, in one place, to improve your customer as well as your distributors and/or agents experience. This will save your company and business partners precious time, resources and money.

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