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New Digital Aspirin Launched For Fashion E-Commerce


To meet the needs of fashion businesses in terms of keeping up with online competition and technology demands, Online Heroes has launched the Software as a Service platform called Pegasys. Pegasys provides a limitless and trusted Ecommerce solution dedicated to the Fashion industry. As an expert in making luxury brands successful online, the tech company Online Heroes experiences each day how different the fashion industry is from any other industry, given the speed at which different fashion seasons, flash and capsule collections, style trends, campaigns and season endings are constantly rotating.


Recent analysis by the Boston Consulting Group found that more than 60 percent of luxury goods sales are digitally influenced. Customers search online with the intention of buying the product either in-store or online. Even though most luxury brands realise the importance of offering a seamless digital journey, they are often faced with limitations when promoting and selling their luxury goods online, such as the absence of an omnichannel journey, a restricted mobile experience and/or the lack of possibilities to personalise promotions and merchandising. With over 10 years of experience in the fashion business, Online Heroes understands like no other that the fashion business is different. Built by and for the fashion industry, Pegasys translates these needs into a fashion-savvy technology that gives the e-commerce team the leverage it needs to compete, grow and transform


While other platforms only focus on setting up the initial brand website, Pegasys takes it a step further. Pegasys has been developed and optimised by Online Heroes itself to manage multiple online brands simultaneously, from content management to campaigns. Having one tool to run your entire online business not only leads to immediate gains in efficiency, but also to better campaign results. This enables the e-commerce team to fully focus on boosting the online sales.


Pegasys offers fashion retailers all the latest and most relevant features for today’s omnichannel business as a single complete solution. Endless possibilities combined with unlimited access to a modular system make it a merchandiser- and developer-friendly commerce system. As a result, fashion houses and e-retailers no longer have to worry about how to deal with innovations such as big data, omnichannel presence and personalisation on their own. That means: more time for them to focus on generating sales and running their business.

Besides the existing fashion brands already working on the platform, Online Heroes now has an agreement with a British fashion brand to make use of this new Pegasys SaaS technology. More fashion brands will follow.

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