Top 10 proven methods to grow your email database


Email marketing is still by far the most effective form of marketing, being up to 40 times more effective than social media. That’s why it’s not so hard to understand we think of it as a pot of gold for most fashion and luxury brands and businesses. Our Online Heroes team tested and selected numerous ways to grow your email list and we are willing to share our 10 proven methods that contribute to the growth of your database.

1. Footer signup

A simple email sign up form at the bottom of each page, in your footer, can be highly effective. Telling visitors what the benefits are when subscribing, like exclusive offers, tips, trends, a look behind the scenes, news, etc. can help convincing them to sign up.


2. Surprise popup

Popups on your website: you hate them, or you love them. Most people tend to love them if the timing and the offered value are right and if they show up in a user-friendly way. That means not blocking any navigation menus or covering the whole screen. Still, websites with popups consistently outperform websites without popups.

Whenever a visitor is firmly browsing your site to find the one item he or she is looking for, a popup definitely has the opposite effect. Your visitor then already knows what information or product he or she is looking for. On the other hand, tempting visitors who are not immediately finding what they are looking for with a strong, powerful message is the best way to convert them into leads before they leave your website and perhaps never come back.

So, determining what the best timing for your visitors is, will increase your chances of growing your email list with a surprise popup.

The truth is that 98 percent of the people who visit your website will click the ‘X’ button and leave your website without conversion.

3. The power of one last question before you leave

Driving traffic to your online store is great. Converting them into customers is even better. However, the truth is that 98 percent of the people who visit your website will click the ‘X’ button and leave your website without conversion. Why not trigger an exit-intent layover for people who want to click that button and show them an offer they can’t refuse when leaving their email address? By doing that, you prevent visitors from leaving your website without having their contact details to retarget them afterwards.

4. Gamification

Another great way to encourage visitors to leave their email address, is to excite them with a cool contest, like a wheel of fortune. Those contests are boosting engagement, since your visitors need to click and write down their contact details to take part.

By adding some kind of gamification, you are not only collecting data, but also delighting your visitors and developing a unique and memorable experience. Gucci even developed a series of 8-bit arcade games to play on the Gucci App a couple of weeks ago, inspired by the vintage games of the 70s and 80s. These games center on the brand’s icons and products and tell the brand’s story in the form of badges hidden in the games.


5. Asking more information in exchange for better service and experience

Daring to ask qualifying questions can be your step 2 in the process to capture consumer data, since it helps you as a company to determine which entries come from your ‘ideal’ target group and where they are in the buying process. With these answers, you can definitely retarget them with a follow-up campaign that suits their needs and demographics. To persuade potential customers to leave extra information, tell them why this is beneficial for them, like showing them more items they’ll love, offer a better service or personalized experience, and so on.

6. Targeted landing page, e.g. to discover a new capsule collection

Landing pages are a proven method to convert visitors into leads.

By building a special landing page that mainly focusses on offering visitors the opportunity to be the first to discover a flash collection or another incentive that persuades them to sign up, you are more likely to convert a higher percentage of your visitors.


Marketing your existing customers is six to seven times cheaper than to acquire new ones.

7. Referral programs

Growing your brand is much easier when customers are referring their friends and family. It is not only much easier to market your existing customers; it is also six to seven times cheaper than to acquire new ones. Give them a reason to recommend you, for instance by offering a discount on their next purchase or by offering them an exclusive brand experience. People love feeling like a VIP, and especially when shared with their BFF’s (which is also better for your brand image)!

8. Offline list building

Although we strongly believe in the opportunities of new technologies and IT, we feel like growing your email database should be done everywhere your (potential) customers are and the more different ways, the better. Collecting customer data in-store and on events enables you to retarget visitors afterwards as well.

9. Lead ads via social media

Did you know Facebook has a type of campaign especially designed for finding qualified leads? Create a nice ad that informs your potential customer about the value of signing up for your newsletter and add a signup form using Facebook Business Manager. When doing so, people who see the ad and click on it, don’t even have to leave the app to sign up. What’s more, because Facebook knows a ton about you, most fields, like name and email address are already pre-filled. Easy, right?

10. Co-branding campaigns

Why not collaborate with brands with whom you share objectives or goals with? There surely are brands who also target more or less the same group of customers you target, but with a different product or service. Setting up a deal in which you promote their brand and the other way around will be a win-win situation for both of you, like this image of the Nike C/o Virgil Abloh "Athlete in Progress" collection.


Do you want to put your brand on the road to email success? Contact us today, we will help you pave the way!

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