Mastering the ecommerce conversion funnel


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Converting visitors into loyal customers, that’s what every ecommerce manager strives for. Unfortunately, running an online flagship store is a marathon, not a sprint. Since a visitor will pass 7 to 13 steps, touches before he or she buys an item of your collection, it’s important to define your business goals and marketing budget in order to create an effective action plan. This plan needs to consist of multiple tactics to touch visitors at different stages of their journey. And guess what? We are here to help you master this ecommerce conversion funnel from awareness to retention.



Creating brand awareness is the goal of your top of the funnel marketing efforts. Reaching visitors who haven’t seen your collection before is what it is all about. You want them to get to know your brand, your vision, what you stand for. Since they visit your store for the first time, they probably won’t buy right away, but it’s the crucial starting point of seeding.

To attract potential shoppers to your online flagship store, tactics like display advertising and social media posts can help you drive traffic. Keep in mind that the KPIs in this phase are impressions, email sign-ups, web traffic & followers on social media.



Once visitors are warmed up, they’re more likely to make a purchase since they got to know your brand and are ready to connect with you. In this phase, you want them to really interact with your brand and eventually place an order.

Marketing strategies helping you generating these conversions include retargeting campaigns and abandoned cart emails. These tactics are obviously only to target users who have already visited your site and for example added items to their shopping bag or wish list. Since your KPI here is to generate sales, to convince your potential customers to purchase items from your collection, you want to focus on product pages and details.

Remarketing with Google and Facebook

Two effective channels to retarget your audience are Google and Facebook, with Dynamic Product Ads. By showing your potential customer the exact same products he or she has been looking at on your website, you focus on the strength of recognition.

You can implement different time frames to target visitors with remarketing. With this strategy, you can bid higher on a 7-day audience than on a 30-day audience to improve your campaign’s ROI. That’s because someone who visited your online store recently will be more likely to be encouraged to make a purchase.

When you choose to run Google ads, it’s best to keep in mind that:

  • Brand keywords have a stronger ROI: The potential client already knows you and searches for your specific brand name. You should own your brand terms and maintain position on search engine marketing (SEM) tools.

  • Non-brand keywords will have a lower ROI: You want to target potential visitors who may have never heard of your brand and are looking around and exploring different brands.



Did you know that it costs 5 times more to attract a new client compared to an existing one? Astonishing fact, right? That’s why it’s as important to focus on existing clients, to encourage them to make a second, third, fourth purchase. The most effective ways to increase repeat purchases are email marketing and social media campaigns. With an email marketing program that is linked to your ecommerce platform, you can easily create campaigns for users who already bought from you. A so-called ‘complete your look’ is a well-known strategy used in the fashion industry to help your client buy items that complement the items they already bought. Offering your VIPs something special, is another strategy worth trying. Making your best clients feel appreciated, makes them open their wallet (or PayPal account) easier.

Nowadays there are more online marketing tactics than ever to drive sales. Although there isn’t one magic formula to convert visitors into customers, it’s important to keep the advertising funnel in mind to market your online store. The opportunities of online advertising are endless, so why not explore which ones work for your brand? Since fashion asks for a different approach (keep reminding yourself of the fact that it’s a marathon, not a sprint), trial-and-error and always trying to stay up-to-date of the newest features and tactics of online marketing is the best way to win that marathon.

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