9 e-commerce trends
to expect in 2019



The new year has begun, a great moment to look ahead at which trends will shape e-commerce in the upcoming months. Here are the 9 trends to watch for in 2019!

“Showing the right products to the right people on the right moment in time, that’s what personalisation is all about."

#1: Personalisation

The numbers don’t lie: 43% of consumers would prefer companies that personalize their experience, 48% even spend more. Even more remarkable is that 41% of online shoppers switched companies over poor personalization.

Let yourself be inspired by how Luisaviaroma is personalising search results based on the customer’s spending history. By showing you items based on your browsing history, they give you the feeling of having products picked out especially for you. Sending emails with an offer that suits your needs is another great idea to personalize the shopping experience.

Robert Sangers, Online Heroes’ CEO, explains: “Showing the right products to the right people on the right moment in time, that’s what personalisation is all about. This is what will remarkably increase conversion rates as from 2019. We at Online Heroes believe this is the trend for fashion brands to invest in.”

#2: Omnichannel: Be where the customer is

Physical stores aren’t dead! Quite the opposite, being where the consumer is, is what will determine a brand’s success. A study conducted by HBR showed that 73% of shoppers used multiple channels to do their shopping. Mapping your customer journey is the best way to know which platforms, devices and media are vital for your brand to invest in, which can be a combination of websites, physical stores, kiosks, social media, email marketing and many more. Brands like Nike have been pioneers in omnichannel retail, offering personalised recommendations with their Nike+ app, women’s only stores offering services like pant hemming and bra fitting and even a mini basketball court to try out your new sneakers in their interactive flagship store in SoHo, New York City.


Experts predict that voice searches will account for 50% of all searches by 2020.

#3: Voice search

Experts predict that voice searches will account for 50% of all searches by 2020. By voice search, we mean search through devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Not only are these devices used for search, but also for purchasing items without being in front of a screen.

To optimize your website for voice search, it’s important to obtain the featured snippet spot so that your content shows up above the #1 ranked spot on Google. Besides using smart SEO tactics, like including your most relevant keywords in the page URL and titles, it can also help to optimize your content in the form of questions and using lists. Most voice searches are in natural language like ‘Where can I find a cashmere wool scarf?’ instead of mentioning keywords like we are used to when typing.

#4: Improved product visualization

Companies like Gap and Amazon already experimented with Augmented Reality to offer a virtual dressing room or the ability to scan your own body using your smartphone. Although we don’t believe everyone will buy an Amazon Echo Look device any time soon, it says a lot about the way product visualization is changing. Since potential customers can’t physically touch or try on a product before placing an order, it’s key to present your products in the best possible way, by presenting high-quality images, zoom feature, 3D images and demo videos.

#5: Mobile is becoming number 1

58% of people visiting your webshop in the upcoming year will probably use a smartphone to do so, whereas desktop and tablet will represent only 35% and 7%. Although 52% of the orders is still placed on a desktop, mobile is already becoming the preferred device for a first glimpse at your collection. So, make sure your website and email marketing are as mobile-friendly as possible and your mobile checkout flow makes it easy for customers to place an order.

Sam De Smet, UX Architect at Online Heroes, says: “Thinking mobile involves thinking like a customer. We always integrate the mobile user experience in our concept and design thinking.“

#6: Artificial Intelligence and chatbots

Chatbots aren’t something totally new but combining the technology with AI is. Ever since the first chatbot was built in the 60s, the phenomenon has evolved, getting cheaper and smarter. Analysing data to make sure the chatbot can suggest goods and services from which it thinks the customer will be interested in, is what we predict will make its popularity grow the next couple of months.


#7: More payments options

2019 will also be the year of the rise of digital payment methods and cryptocurrencies like Apple Pay and Google Pay. The ecommerce industry will be forced to enable payment via these new methods to satisfy customers’ needs.

#8: Social commerce

First things first: shopping has always been a social experience, it’s much more than just buying products and services. During the last couple of years, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been great traffic drivers for many fashion brands. With the ability to make Instagram and Pinterest posts shoppable, social commerce is stepping up its game by providing the opportunity for brands and customers to sell and buy products on these different social platforms. Native social commerce is likely to become more and more popular in 2019.
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Especially in the era of ad blockers your branding is your golden ticket to distinguish yourself from others.

#9: Storytelling via Content Marketing

Creating authentic high quality content is an ideal way to attract customer’s attention and gain trust. Especially in the era of ad blockers your branding is your golden ticket to distinguish yourself from others.
The successful rise of smaller indie brands shows that being authentic, being original is what excites customers and what the secret is of building long-lasting relationships with your target group.


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