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Mastering the ecommerce conversion funnel


Converting visitors into loyal customers, that’s what every ecommerce manager strives for. Unfortunately, running an online flagship store is a marathon, not a sprint.

The rise of emotional branding in fashion


In a volatile and highly competitive market, brands are struggling to distinguish themselves and attract customers. The secret is in emotional branding.

The art of saying ‘no’ to customers


It’s the never-ending internal conflict: although you realize customer is always king and they except to hear the yes answer to all their requests, you know that isn’t always possible.

How to increase conversions through live chat


Digital marketing experts are always looking for new, innovative ways to increase conversions. One of those methods is live chat.

The Summer Sale checklist


We share with you the checklist to be more profitable this season.

5 tactics to prevent your website speed from killing your conversion rate


How the need for speed will affect your bottom line

How do you optimize your checkout process to boost sales?


We asked Online Heroes’ Web Integrator Lennert Siemons.

How personalization can reduce the customer acquisition cost


One of the biggest challenges e-commerce companies nowadays have to face, is coping with the rising cost of acquiring new customers.

3 ways to use data for driving conversions in 2019


“There’s so much data available, but only a few companies know how to use it effectively."

New digital aspirin launched for fashion e-commerce


Big news! Online Heroes is launching a Software as a Service platform called Pegasys.

9 e-commerce trends
to expect in 2019


The new year has begun, a great moment to look ahead at which trends will shape e-commerce. Here are the 9 trends to watch for in 2019!

Will 2019 be the year of social commerce?


Social media will continue to rise and evolve in 2019. Will it also be the year of social commerce?

How fashion brands turned
Cyber Weekend into a win


Here’s how the fashion industry tackled Cyber Weekend

5 tips how to maximize your
holiday sales


How to maximize your online sales for the holiday season?

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